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John's talent as an artist are quite apparent when you see the full range of his work. Cartoons are his specialty, but John's illustrations, caricatures, and graphic designs for ads, brochures, logos, etc. are outstanding as well. 
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Living in a town with a population of around 250, there isn't a real high demand for professional graphic artists. And the only "compensation" received from either the Hal Lindsey or Rapture Ready websites is a link back to John's website.

So, the sale of cartoon downloads (cartoons e-mailed to you) and signed prints--plus your gifts, are the only means of support for this ministry.

Purchase a signed print of this cartoonWe have several styles of Christmas cards; and, you can choose any cartoon/design to be printed in full-color on T-shirts, sweatshirts, pocket cards, or mugs.  Order online now.

When you purchase a cartoon, you may use it as many times as you like and any way you choose , as long as it's not used commercially.

As a disabled person living on one fixed income (my SSDI), I don't have "extra money" to cover the costs for the website or to maintain an inventory of the products offered.  They are printed on-demand when you order.

However, God's blessing is apparent as the website is still up and all the support sent to the Li'l Shells ministry is provided entirely by sales and donations to this ministry. 

Your support is essential for this ministry (and us!) to survive! Thank You!!!

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John & Patsy RuleJohn's desire to draw a new cartoon each week for the Hal Lindsey Oracle website was the beginning of his cartoon ministry in 2003.  His cartoons are also found at Rapture Ready - click on the "Lighter Side" link to view John's current cartoon.. 

John and Patsy Rule with Digby & Bunty

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Throughout the years, John has also maintained his own website, responding to feedback and prayer requests, praying for all who have written to him, and forming friendships around the world.  Several of John's prayers are answered, including his request for a partner who shares his heart.  Patsy, who is now his wife, also rejoices in Jesus, knowing He is continually hearing and answering their prayers. So besides donating his time to draw cartoons, he and Patsy spend hours in intercessory prayer.

John and Patsy are also committed to taking care of and feeding children through a Faith Family Church ministry on the island of Cebu in the Southern Philippines. 
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Read more about their "Li'l Shells Ministry".

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A Note from John...

More about this ministry from John ~

Click here to read John Rule's testimonyIn May of 2004, the Lord spoke to me clearly, telling me to write a testimony of the incredible miracles I have witnessed--and of the two times He has brought me back from near death. So after writing it, I posted my testimony on this website. Since doing so, I have received hundreds of e-mails from people who were blessed or inspired by reading it. Many of those people wrote telling me of their desperate need for the Holy Spirit to heal them--both body and spirit. Most of them were living in horrible pain, and after reading my testimony, many now have new hope that God will heal them too. An extra measure of faith! As an unexpected blessing, I was given a ministry of intercessory prayer, and many of those prayers have been answered! There are three people I know of who the Lord has healed of serious, chronic illnesses. Praise God!

Pleeeeze help to keep this website ministry up & running by occasionally buying one of our cartoon downloads or prints--or by making a gift. And most important, please keep this ministry in your prayers! If only 5% of the visitors to this website purchased only one cartoon download (a cartoon e-mailed to you for only $4.95) a year, this ministry would continue without financial problems. Thank you kindly, In His Glorious name, John

If you feel led to make a gift*, then please click here, or mail a check--our address is:
John Rule,
P.O. Box 34
Collbran, Colorado 81624

Thank you sooo much, & Praise The Lord!!!

-John Rule, 
American artist & veteran

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