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Patsy's Prayer Page

"Prayers are the stairs we must climb everyday; if we want to reach God there is no other way."

-Helen Steiner Rice

Dear friends and visitors:

When I was a very young girl in Malaysia, one of my favorite poets was Helen Steiner Rice. I used to memorize much of her poetry but the only one that comes to mind now, years later, is the one about prayer. In particular I love one of the phrases of that poem which states, "Prayers are the stairs we must climb everyday; if we want to reach God there is no other way." That has remained with me for all this time and the longer I know the Lord, the more I have known that to be true. If you would like to join John and me in prayer, below are a list of prayer requests. To preserve the anonymity of the people requesting prayer and for clarity, I have briefly edited their prayer requests

Thank you, in Jesus,
Patsy Rule
PS, I would appreciate your comments and please write to me with your prayer requests. Thank you.

Prayer Requests

~ Kimberly wants to give thanks to God for answering her prayer, in His own way and in His own time. Thank You for being so faithful, Father God.

~ Gina feels badly about her relationship with the Father--she claims that she does not pray as often as she should. My question is "How often should we pray?". All I know is that we should always have God in our hearts--whether that means spending time in prayer, or just talking to God often, or getting to know Him better. What I am saying is that there are no rules to follow. Just do whatever you need to to bring Him near. Years ago, I read a Christian book that essentially said that if you love someone you will do whatsoever it takes to feel closer to that person. That was great insight!

~ Father, we lift up Yvonne to You. She needs You to touch her body in a mighty way and to enable her to keep her focus on You. She also asks us to pray for her children and grandchildren. We believe that our Heavenly Father knows what we need even before we ask Him. Thank You for being so intimately acquainted with us, Father God.

~ We need to pray for Joshua's friends Lisa, Anna and Sharon, especially that they come to know and love the Lord Jesus. Dear Heavenly Father, we beseech You to stir up a hunger in these hearts to come to know and love You. Your Word tells us that if we search for You with all our heart, You will find us. We ask You to start working even right now.

~ Amethyst was recently persecuted for her faith. She recently lost her job, and with nothing to look forward to, she is worried. Father, help this young lady really trust in Your word when You say that You are our provider.

~ Bo would really appreciate us supporting him in prayer for the quick and speedy healing of his right leg which was amputated below the knee. Father God, You do so love it when we come to You for all our needs. You say that You are our healer. And You say in Jeremiah 1:12 that You watch over Your Word to perform it. Give Bo Your strength.

~ Father God, we remember Brittany, Molly and Luke in prayer. Show them how empty their lives are without You. Show them also that if they have You, they have everything. You say in Your word that if we seek You with all our heart, You will find us. We are relying on that. Thank You, Father.

~ Please pray for Jason. He has over 60% of his body covered with 4th and 5th degree burns and he is the father of 4 children. He also needs salvation. God we ask You to glorify Your Name through this very difficult situation. Be with Jason and his family and grant them Your strength. Let them know that You are with them every step of the way.

~ Nancy needs prayer for herself and her husband. They are going through a very difficult time in their marriage. God, only You can make a way where there seems to be none. Re-unite these two people and bring to their recollection the reason why they are together in the first place. Make their love for each other strong once again.

~ Please remember Patrick in prayer specifically on April 15. We do not necessarily have to know the dynamics involved. God knows, and, really, that's all that matters. God, You have promised to be our all in all. Be with our brother and give him Your strength and encouragement through this difficult time.

~ Please remember our good friend Flip in prayer. He was working when he fell and broke his back. For now, he is totally unable to take care of himself. He needs a huge touch from God. Draw near to Me, God says, and I will draw near to you. Pray for Flip to draw near to God at this time. It is very difficult but not impossible.

~ Please let's all join our hands and our hearts in praying for Richard. He has bi-polar disorder and is presently in the hospital. The saddest thing about Richard is that at the age of 10, he confessed Jesus as his Lord. Now he does not believe in Jesus at all. He needs help and only God can help him. But we can all pray for that help to come. It is only when we cannot help ourselves does God step in and do an even greater work than we can ever imagine. Thank God for His faithfulness!

~ Ashlin, aged 6, needs a touch from God. She has been struggling with cancer for awhile. The news now is that the cancer has spread to her brain. It is devastating news but God can do anything! Learn just to trust Him--whatever He does. Just pray for His name to be glorified.

~ David wants us to pray for him and his family. He was raised in a minister's home but he has never learned exactly how to live a Christian life. His wife has got into witchcraft and cannot see how bad it is. David's son is into alcohol and drugs in a bad way. I am always reminded of what God can do, especially when I am feeling helpless! Commit all your family to God, David. He will be so honored and He will not disappoint.

~ Charles needs prayer for the Lord's will to reign in his home church. He also wants prayer for his wife-she may or may not be saved. One of my favorite things from my childhood was to memorize poems, and one of my favorite poems tells us to seek the Lord in all things. One of the best ways to seek the Lord is through prayer. So, pray, pray and pray. And when you think you have done enough praying, pray some more!

~ Deborah wants prayer. She would like us to join her in prayer for a God-appointed companion. Her daughter also needs prayer. She may have diabetes but has not had the glucose test for it yet. Lord, we may not know these two women but You do, and very intimately. You know their hearts and You know exactly what to do. Proverbs 3:5 invites us to trust in the Lord and not to rely on our own understanding. Do this at all times! Rest in His goodness.

~ David needs prayer. He began spitting out little blood clots. He went to the ER and they diagnosed the lump on his throat as cancer. It has metastisized over to the other side and is growing around and under his tongue and ears. We know Yeshua is able and willing to heal all kinds and types of cancer. Exodus 15:26 says "I am the Lord, your Healer". Believe in these words with all your heart and thank Him in advance for His blessing.

~ Stefano needs prayer desperately. He has cancer and is only 49. Most of all, he needs salvation. You know, our Father loves and cares for us like no other can do. He loves it when His children seek His help. Never forget that. Ask boldly and hold Him to His promises.

~ Sarah is very concerned for her best friend. She claims to be a Christian but lately she has been hanging out with Satanic people. She is slowly starting to wear all black, curse constantly and behave badly. Even her grades are falling. Sarah really does not want the devil to win the soul of her best friend. Pray in the Spirit for her soul, Sarah, and ask the Lord to remove her veil of blindness. The enemy deceives us very easily, but the Blood of Jesus preserves us from him.

~ Tammy is in urgent need of prayer. She went through an episode of depression after her mother died and was stealing narcotics from work. She was caught and now she is in jeopardy of losing her nurses license. Firstly, let me say that God has already forgiven you because you are sorry for what you did. Know that. The next thing you need to do in this desperate situation is to ask God to change hearts and minds so that His Name is ultimately glorified. He will do it. He can always make something good come out of a bad situation., which our enemy has planned--like in the life of Joseph.

~ Please keep Malar in urgent prayer. She is a very faithful servant of God and she had a stroke. She is now in hospital and is paralyzed on the right side. Father, glorify Your name through her body.

~ Donna has several prayer requests. Both her sons need prayer, albeit for very different reasons. Her sister also needs prayer--to be able to stay in her home. Our God really cares about every detail of our lives. He even sees every tear we shed. I would recommend you read Psalm 91 over and over again. It is an encouragement to know that our Heavenly Father will never let anything bad happen to us.

~ Matt 19: 11 states that the Son of Man came to seek the lost.

~ April 15th is Tax Day and I am certain lots of people need prayer now as they ready themselves for that day--the most ominous day on the calendar for many Americans! Remember Jesus' words in Matt 22: 21, where He says, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

~ Salvation belongs to the Lord, says David in the Book of Psalms. In that vein, we pray for the salvation of every special person in our lives and in your life!  I'm not mentioning their names, but God knows who they are.

"...For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven."
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Patsy's Prayer Page

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