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Li'l Shells


~ Li'l Shells ~

~ Li'l Shells ~

~ Li'l Shells ~

Maria's Mom -- the first big rice cooking pot in a long time--another gift supplied by our ministry

Too hot to cook inside!
Waiting For Rice To Cook

These meals with meat are the childrens' only source of protein
Chicken, Rice And Drink

Your gifts will feed up to 100 kids a week
Mealtime :)  Let's Eat!

Medicines too!
Staying Healthy With Vitamins

...and we thank Jesus!
You Are Sooo Welcome!!!

Your Hope Is With Jesus!
Raul Ministers To Lady With
Breast Cancer And Her Children

Singing praise to Jesus!

Singing praise to Jesus!

Please make a gift to Li'l Shells Children's Ministry

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Checks may be made out to "John Rule--Children's Ministry", and can be sent to:
John Rule,
P.O. Box 34, Collbran, Colorado, 81624

Thank you in the Name of Jesus!
~ John Rule ~


Of all things, almost seven years ago--in an incredibly miraculous way, the Lord led us to start a children's feeding ministry next to a huge dump site on the island of Cebu, in the Southern Philippines. And we live in Western Colorado~on the other side of the world! Cebu is a small island where you can drive from one end to the other in about half an hour, but its population is about three million people ~ And we thought Hawaii was over crowded!

Pastor Raul and Maria -- Faith Family Church is located at the dump site, where the kids live & work
Pastors Raul & Maria At Their Church

As we learned more about Cebu, we discovered that it has a huge, "Smokey" garbage dump; so big that there's a whole culture living within it. Horrible stench, corruption, disease, drugs and extreme poverty are a way of life for the children who live there. Many of these kids work all day in the hot tropical sun recycling garbage including medical wastes, and other horrible stuff we would never dream of touching.

So the Lord led us to start a feeding program through Pastors Raul & Maria and their "Faith Family Church", a tiny church located on the edge of the big "Smokey" dump.

Our ministry began with giving Florencia, Pastor Maria's sister, a monthly financial gift for her church's children's ministry, and thru Flor, God eventually led us to Faith Family church and the feeding ministry.We started with 50 to 75 children

Now, about 300 of the dump site kids come every Saturday to get a good meal with meat and vitamins--plus medicines for skin diseases caused by the toxic smoky air pollution from the burning dump. A good spiritual feeding too! Some of these children have Catholic backgrounds, but most come from families who have never heard the name of our Lord. These kids would have no hope at all without their introduction to Jesus thru Pastors Raul & Maria's feeding program!

Besides ministering to his church parishioners, Pastor Raul has a growing house to house ministry around the dump site area--but he had no reliable transportation. So with gifts received for them, we recently bought Faith Family Church a new motorbike which will enable Pastor Raul to spread the Gospel to many more families. He immediately dedicated it to serving the Lord (see photo below).

Now, with a depleted "children's ministry" bank account, we desperately need your support to help us continue sending over $400 a month for food, vitamins, the expenses associated with our feedings, and the money for skin medicines. These gifts are probably the only way the dump site children will ever hear the Jesus story. We sent $850 for December so these children will learn to celebrate the birth of our Lord (a Christmas Party--we'll have photos soon!), plus we are buying a small (big to them!) gift for each child. The "Hal Lindsey Cartoons" website ministry barely generates enough money to stay online, let alone support this growing children's ministry--so your donations of any size (PLEEEEZE! even $5), will help to do the Lord's work at Cebu's "Smokey" dump site.

Please send your checks to:
John Rule
P.O. Box 34
Collbran, Colorado 81624

This page will be updated continuously, so please come back soon!

Thank You Jesus!!!
Pastor Raul & the Church's New Motorbike

Story time for some of the kids

The dump is 100's of times bigger than this photo illustrates

Faith Family Church
Faith Family Church

Feeding the spirit before feeding the tummy!
Prayer Time

My First New Dress!
New Dress...

And my first pair of shoes--Jesus answered my prayers!
...And New Shoes Too!!!

"...For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven."
Some of the littlest Li'l Shells

Florencia and Carlia
Maria's Sister Florencia Helps

Hungry For The Gospel
Raul's House Ministry, Teaching Families About Jesus

Living on the edge of the dump

Medicine time--all of the dump site children need medications. Many for skin diseases.

Singing praise to Jesus!


Make an online gift to our children's ministry,
or checks may be made out to "John Rule--Children's Ministry", and can be sent to:
John Rule,
P.O. Box 34, Collbran, Colorado, 81624

Thank you in the Name of Jesus!
~ John Rule ~

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