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Message: I have always been a Christian, sometimes not as good of one as I should have been though. In 1986 I was in the army stationed at Ft. Polk and was on my way to work riding my motorcycle, and a man came from nowhere and hit me head on. I was confirmed to be dead at the wreck by the doctor on site. Now this is where it gets good. Another doctor on his way to work came a different way to work, out of his way. He said that the Lord told him to come that way. When he arrived at the wreck, the other doctor said that I was dead, and he was waiting for the coroner to show up. At that time the second doctor, started to check me out, and found that I had a weak pulse in my leg, well, you know the rest, I'm here and God did it all. I laid there covered up for over twenty min. before the second doc. got there. Now you tell me that God don't work miracles. Thank you so much my God!

"...God many times uses good Christian people strangers to you to bless your heart ..."
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Patsy & John


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